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Ctrl+R (show_overlay @) already provides this functionality to show a function symbol list - however it would be nice to have the function list integrated into the existing sidebar so that it can be viewed side-by-side with the code without having to invoke an overlay.

The functions shown by Ctrl+R (show_overlay @) could be shown as a child tree of the current file on the existing sidebar.

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Agree. Having to create and update .sublime-commands file each time seems tedious and unnecessary to me.

I would rather only just put the item in a .sublime-menu file. Then a palette would operate upon the contents of the .sublime-menu file which already has the necessary information (caption and command).

Currently I have to update both .sublime-menu and .sublime-commands. Also, I like having the things in the menu in case I forget the name and I want to find the name by category.

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It would be much better if the "quick panel" were on the top-right instead of top-center. It should be movable - or atleast have an option to set its X,Y coordinates as well as its width and height.