Calltips/Tooltips for Auto-Completion.

Simon Birkedal 11 years ago updated by robertcollier4 11 years ago 1


Sublime Text 2 is extremely fast and flexible - but there is still missing some features, the biggest lack of this else BadAss product is the Calltips for auto-completed sentences.

Like so:


Please note that this was a Custom made Calltip for World of Warcraft - using SCiTE. - Lua!!

Until this is possible with ST2 i am not willing to pay a dime for it - sorry.

Also note that i already searched the web for equal packages etc but either they don't exist or none is supporting either Windows or the Lua language.

If something like this could be made, which supports lua - doesn't have to have any premade calltips or anything included i'm sure people will upload loads of packages supporting lua/w.e language if just the scripting to make it possible has been made. - I myself is one of them!