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You can do this with Soft Undo, accessible from the Edit/Undo Selection menu.

The default OS X key binding is Command+U
The console, find results, and and build output are all independent panels, and can be switched between at will. You can do this via the "Find/Find Results/Show Find Results" and "Build/Build Results/Show Build Results" menu options.

Another option is to check the "Use Buffer" button in the Find in Files panel, which will send the results to a scratch buffer, rather than a panel.
If the previous selector isn't reliable for every part of the file, then you may want to be more explicit, and change it to something like " - text.html.jsp"
You should be able to get the same thing by changing the scope on the java build system to " -"
This can be done by first splitting the selection into lines (command+shift+l on osx), and then using the regular wrap selection in tag binding - I don't think a separate binding is desirable in this case.
The trim_trailing_white_space_on_save setting can be used for this
You can use the file_exclude_patterns global preference for this
When installing, there's a checkbox "Add to explorer context menu" that can be ticked to enabled this.