Tabbed console window

Matthias Käppler 9 years ago updated by Joe Esposito 7 years ago 2
I guess the thing that annoys me most about Sublime 2 is that it prints everything to the same console window.

This totally destroys any form of multitasking that you perform within the editor, such as triggering a test suite and then searching for something. When I do that now, it will trigger the build, but the search results will claim the console window so I will never be able to see the output of the build script again.

In other words, I have to serialize all work that involves printing things to the console, including any form of search you perform.

One solution to this would be to make the console window tabbed as well. That way I could run several tasks in parallel and see all their output at once.
The console, find results, and and build output are all independent panels, and can be switched between at will. You can do this via the "Find/Find Results/Show Find Results" and "Build/Build Results/Show Build Results" menu options.

Another option is to check the "Use Buffer" button in the Find in Files panel, which will send the results to a scratch buffer, rather than a panel.

I feel your pain, this was frustrating to me too. If you're on Windows, I created a plugin that builds/runs your code in an external console window that can help. It's not quite a tabbed console, but will allow you to have multiple external windows suitable for multitasking similar to what other editors do.

You can install it with Sublime Package Control, typing ConsoleExec, then add "console_exec" as the target of a particular build. Details here: https://github.com/joeyespo/sublimetext-console-exec

Hope this helps.