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I use the built-in Command+D (or Control+D for the Winders) to handle this in a slightly more manual way. Sublime is less "scope-aware" to minimize bloat, I think -- not to discount your need for the feature.

When I work in XCode I constantly miss Command+D since I find it more flexible. 

Though I will admit that Control+Command+E for Edit all in Scope in XCode is really really handy and I also use that in Sublime Text (which luckily doesn't do anything).

So happy to see this implemented in the 2.0 release!

Similarly, the shortcut keys seem to be very different on OS X versus Linux/Windows. Is the reason for this just because PC users are accustomed to Notepad++ or gedit or is there a more practical reason (except for the Command / Control switch)?

I switch between OS X and Linux a lot, so this difference drives me crazy. 

I was just about to post this with the title "Comment block auto asterisk on new line". I think this would get more up-votes if it showed up in searches better. ANYWAY.

THIS! I write a fair amount of JavaDoc format comments in my larger projects, and sometimes I just need to write a comment that is a few lines in the code. I would love this feature or at least a way to add it with snippets. <tabTrigger> doesn't quite cut it here.

Note: As a temporary solution, I just write them with no * at the beginning and then do a multi-line select (Cmd+Alt+Click-Drag) at the beginning of the lines and type " * ".