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To note, this happens when the word wrap is on.
Seconded. I was thinking maybe have click and shift-click have different behavior.
Yeah, what I'm saying is I don't think you understand how big of project it is to make project wide completion.
As far as I know, Sublime Text is one man project by Jon Skinner.
I think this isn't in the realm of text editor but in IDE.
I'm no expert at this area, but isn't this a much bigger project than possible by one man?
IMHO, sublime is a text editor for programming and a spell checker is unnecessary, otherwise entire file will be red lined.
If you wanna spell check, use a word doc editor.
Oktay: That's cool. I didn't think about that one. It seems it's totally possible to have four or more panels in whatever way.

Joel: That option is out, because two separate windows of ST2 cannot share a project. I guess you can make two duplicate projects but that sounds dumb.
Not a crazy idea at all really. I like it personally.
As long as this doesn't spawn some people asking for sublime
to support current song playing and facebook status.