Down arrow doesn't make cursor go next line if text is selected

aristidesfl 13 лет назад обновлен shurcooL` 12 лет назад 4
If I've got text selected (for example after copying some text) and press the down arrow key, the cursor jumps to the end of the selection instead of the next line.

This behavior is unexpected, slows me down and not even useful since the right arrow accomplishes the same thing.

Was just about to submit a request for this and found it already was here. This slows me down equally, as it feels very awkward.

I already did a diagram up on this to make it clear so I might as well post it.


This has been fixed in Build 2111.

Shall close 


There's a bug related to this behaviour.

If you press up/down while having a selection, and the cursor goes to an empty line (or a line that has less characters than the starting column number), and then you press up/down once more, it doesn't return the caret to the original column number (the way it would if you started without a selection).

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