Cursor doesn't move when you shift+click to select backwards

Caleb Land 12 years ago updated by lanzz 12 years ago 1
If I have a document with no selection, and I hold Shift and click somewhere in the document /before/ the cursor, the cursor does not move to where I clicked, but remains at the end of the selection.

Selecting forward does move the cursor forward.
It actually does. If the cursor is at the start of the selection (for example, you have selected with shift+left), shift+clicking before the selection will keep the cursor at the start of the new selection as well, just as shift+clicking after the selection would move the cursor if it was already at the end of the selection. As with your issue with the visible cursor in selection, I fail to see how this would confuse anybody. My guess is that other OSX apps also behave in the same way, but it is not obvious due to the cursor hiding when there is an active selection.