RTL Languages Support in sublime text 2

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Support for Arabic Language "RTL" , Please
Sublime Text 2 is just perfect but there is now support for "rtl" languages like Arabic and look like this :
Image 123
I would buy sublimetext2 for 3 computers in my company and all of my friends will buy it too if it support RTL
I would buy it and run a word-of-mouth campaign across all Arabic developerosphere to start using it as the one and only Arabic supporting editor.
ممكن أفهم بس بعض الناس عاملين ديسلايك ع الاقتراح هاد!!

Waiting ti fix this problem and I'll buy as soon as possible to me.

unfortunately the solution never came, I'm installing notepad++ for this problem, as they have it solved.


Please add RTL support for sublimetext.

اطلبو الدعم من صفحات البرمجة العربية


Please add RTL support for sublimetext.

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