api to add stuff to sidebar

Dmitry Afanasyev 12 years ago updated by Mauricio Lopez T. 12 years ago 2
It would be nice to have API that can add stuff to sidebar. 
For example, I want to make a plugin that display Ruby on Rails projects not by its directory structure but in logical one, i.e. templates under controllers, etc
I thing it would be useful for many kinds of plugins such as VCS systems, FTP plugins and more
This would also be very useful in creating virtual lists of items, such as variables with child variables in a debugger such as https://github.com/Kindari/SublimeXdebug 
I think exactly the same as William Cahill-Manley . His plugin would have a really great interface if it has access to a window with the same capabilities as the sidebar. You can use it to display an object folded and you can unfolded to show properties and methods, on an on.