Support for binding the escape key with another key "escape+g"

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The emacs "meta" ("escape") is useful for emacs key bindings.  I have not been able to bind the escape key with another key like I can with "ctrl", for example.  The key bindings I would like are "meta-x" (like the Sublime Text 2 console) and "meta-g" (goto line).

Anyway, some way in Sublime Text 2 to support this would be great.  Maybe it works already. :)   I have not seen any examples, though.
I think you can get what you want by using a line like this in your .sublime-keymap file:

{ "keys": ["escape", "g"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "goto", "text": ":"}},

This makes "escape, g" perform "goto line". I just copied the command & args portion from the existing "ctrl+g" entry in the default .sublime-keymap file. 

As far as I can tell this does not interfere with ST2's other uses of the Escape key.