Don't make me think about where to put project files

Taco Ekkel 9 years ago updated by Filipe Cabecinhas 8 years ago 2
Right now I have to figure out where to put (two!) project files for every project I make. Don't make think about that. Just store them in your appdata somewhere. The current overhead goes against the grain a little bit of Sublime's 'zen fluidity'.
I dare to disagree: For distributed working on a project I believe there should be one central file right within the project's root folder that will open on double click.

Putting them in the users appdata folder would defeat the goal to make the project accessible from different computers, different logins or the like.
Torsten is right, they should be placed inside the project directory.
But what could be done is something like eclipse (and other IDE) does: Always put them as hidden files inside the top-level project directory. And always with the same name.
Something like ".sublime-project".
And, when opening a directory with a .sublime-project file in it, simply open the project.