Implement fontStyle in .tmTheme

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I would really like to be able to make some things bold or italic.


This was added in 2165
This was added in 2165
yes please, i totally miss this
Also its VERY important to have ability to adjust fontSize for every hightlight-type. For example. I want to make comments smaller to not to hinder user while reading a code.
And a manager of files with parsing and making inputs / color selectors for config files — would be a nice addition for ST2
Not so convinced about the need or benefit of allowing font size changes, but implementation of bold, italic and underline would be very useful.
yep, small comments are a powerful argument for fonSize...
Bold and Italic implemented in dev build 2146. Thanks!
I still don't see bold and italic FontStyles in my markdown files. I checked and my textmate theme has already fontStyle definitions. I'm using dev build 2162 on Mac OS 10.7. 
Is there a config key to activate it?
Maybe the Markdown code parser does not implement bold or italic styles.
I am using reStructuredText and I can see **bold** and *italic* styles.
No special activation is required.
Still can not apply bold to any variables or keywords everything remains the way it was. Only italics are applyable for some entities.
There should be an option to choose wheter or not bold/italic is applied for certain fonts.


Bold/italic/fontsize is quite important in my opinion. I'm trying to switch from notepad++ to Sublime, and this is almost a showstopper :(

Figured out how to do this!

Set your default font_face to "SourceCodePro-Light" in your Preferences.sublime-settings

Then edit whatever theme you are changing and set ALL the fontStyle properties to "bold" except for the comment scope.  This turns all the other fonts from light to regular.

I'd love to be able to do more than just bold/italic.   "light" or "lighter" for example.

The new Adobe SourceCodePro fonts come in Black, Bold, ExtraLight, Light, Regular and Semibold. I'd like to view my code in Regular and make the comments show one step lighter using Light.


Has underline been implemented, or just bold and italic?