I would really like to see ftp and ssh (sftp) remote file access and editing

Patrick Thurmond 12 years ago updated by Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami 10 years ago 3
Sublime could really use an ftp/sftp explorer to remotely edit files.

It wouldn't have to be a fixed feature. How about an addon... like apps or plugins in Google Chrome/other browsers?

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Yep, PHPStorm, WebStorm and BBEdit all have SFTP, remote editing etc built into the product. Of course you can buy wBond's plug in, but this added expense/hassle is something Sublime Text should do away with... Migrating from BBEdit really means not a $70.00 purchase, but a $70.00 + $20.00 purchase... not that much, and we should support our developer network.. but still it puts Sublime text a "notch below"  in terms of project scoping if you cannot include a remote box