Output all key bindings to easy to read HTML file

Agile Apricot 9 years ago updated by Abigail11 7 years ago 4
Adobe Fireworks has a useful feature that lets you export a list of all the current keyboards to an easy-to-scan formatted html table. I know I can read all the JSON file but it would make for quicker reading in one nice formatted list.
This could be done with a plugin which produces just another view of all the loaded bindings...
True. Interface integration would actually be useful. It could open a lightbox style window where commands are displayed with their shortcuts and can be search on and even executed by hitting enter. There was a ST1 plugin for something similar but it didn't go the whole hog.
Hmm.. at first I would go for a plain text (tabular) and perhaps a HTML variant. As soon as Jon opens up some API methods for feeding boxes we could also do that.

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I want to read my HTML files.So i want to know is there any program which supports to detailed code to read HTML files?Thanks for any suggestion.