Drag and drop text editing

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It's handy to be able to drag and drop to move/copy blocks of text.
I agree completely. Coming from an editor where I could select a block of text and then move it to where I want in a document is a feature that is sorely missed. Now I have to copy, cut and then paste to do the same. I love Sublime, but man... I really miss ability.
There's also another (duplicate?) feature request: Drag and drop highlighted block of text and a bug related to this: Moving text with mouse not working.
So happy to see this implemented in the 2.0 release!
Same here! Very useful feature. Thanks a ton Jon!
It's not working for me for some reason. Do I have to explicitly enable it somewhere?
as far as I know it's only implemented on windows and mac - not linux :(
(see Build 2182 over on http://www.sublimetext.com/dev )
Hmm well I'm running OS X but still don't see it. :(

This is missing for me too: Snow Leopard 10.6.8, ST 2.0.1 build 2217 - no drag'n'drop or alt copy-drag-drop of selected text...


Still missing, still waiting, but still cynical that the developers will actually listen to these bug reports.

but, why is not supported?
Lucky me, geany support edit directly from server, just open the file, drag and drop...

wait a minute...

this is
... ridiculous! :)