plugin idea: filepath-breadcrumb -> easily open files from any dir in path

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Hi, yet another nice feature of jEdit i'd propose as either a builtin feature or a plugin: If you take a look at this screenshot, you can see a slim block above the buffer (left, in jEdit ;) which shows a breadcrumb of the current file's path.. now if you click a dir in that breadcrumb, you get a file open prompt with that dir opened in the prompt.. which is an awesome time saver when you need to traverse the dir structure of a project more often.
Dunno if that can be done by a plugin, or had to be a bulitin func.. anyway it'd be a nice one ;)

I like the idea, I don't like very much the jEdit widget graphic.
Did you know something implementation less intrusive (I like the minimalistic ST2 UI)?.
Maybe good to have it as a preference, that the user can toggle on his personal choice.
Sure, the _looks_ of jEdit are plain awfull all over.. ;) but it's about the generall idea.

About any placement/position in the UI: dunno.. in jEdit you can dock (click to expand..) or position any plugin with a UI wherever you like. In generall i prefer "short distances" in a gui.. both for hand/mouse as the eye.. hence i'd say somewhere on the top'd be best. For the same reason i personally would e.g. prefer the serach/replace UI rather on the top than at the bottom. But since it's a matter of personal preference, eventually an option to place such UIs either top or bottom would be nice and suit all.. so if this breadcrumb was a plugin, i'd think a nice solution would be a user pref to
  • either invoke it by a combo,
  • or have it stay on screen per user pref..
  • as well as the positioning top/bottom.