Add bookmarks support

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Ability to add bookmarks to lines would make it easy and fast to get to predefined places within code.

Keyboard shortcuts would be F2 for adding a bookmark, and various combinations with Shift and Ctrl for walking between them.
This used to be in ST1 and Jon has said it'll be coming back :D
In ST1 Ctrl+F2 made bookmark, and F2 walks along them. And i was veryvery useful.
This feature just hit the latest dev build 2024. Great to see it back.

It would be much nicer if the menu displayed more than the line number of the bookmark. Maybe the first several letters of the text on that line? Or allow a custom title to be added?


AFAIK there is still (as of Nov 2012) no mouse support. Eg, in Textmate, clicking a line number will bookmark it. It would be useful for ST2 to do this too.

Sublime has better highlighting than Notepad++ but lacks mouse bookmark toggling, so i'm sticking with Notepad++.