project management

ulhume 13 aastat tagasi uuendaja Stefan Jansen 12 aastat tagasi 2
Very few improvements will greatly improve project management :
  1. Adding a simple "title" (or name, or caption, or whatever field in project structure that would be used in window title, "Switch project in window" and "Recent Projects". If user fill this field, no more long path before project name and odd "sublime-project" extension. Simple and clean.
  2. Adding a "title pattern" field to structure project in order to allow those who want to have there project name before current file path to do so.

Along side this, I think it is important that we have an easier way to switch between projects, a panel like the one in Espresso would be ideal as it would allow us to visually see all our projects

In addition, i would like to be able to have a fixed list of project to switch between. the list of ctrl+cmd+p is the recent list.

An option in the settings with a default project folder path would be great! :)