Can't type german umlauts with Alt+u and then u for ü

Robert Bohne fa 10 anys updated by Roel De Coninck fa 5 anys 4
Unfortunately I can not enter German umlauts with the Alt + u and then u for ü on MacOSX.
(Use a US-Laytout keyboard with US-Layout OSX Settings)
For what it's worth, Alt+u,u does create a ü for me.

Have you changed any key bindings, or installed any plugins? Does alt+<key> work for you at all for inserting alternate characters?
Mh, now it works perfect... crazy, i have changed nothind. Thank you for your help.
Don't have OSX but on Windows sometimes I have this kind of issues.
The keymap is per application and sometimes my keyboard begin to react strangely but only on one application, others continue to work fine.
Closing and re-opening the application resolve this issue.

I have a similar issue with a Belgian keyboard. I cant type België or être or über.

When I type the key for ¨ or ^ and then the letter that should be under it, it is placed after the trema/crochet.

So the examples above become Belgi¨e ^etre and ¨uber.