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The web can be a great place, but not everyone online has good intentions. Here are three simple ways to avoid scammers and stay safe on the web:

Beware of strangers bearing gifts
A message is probably up to no good if it congratulates you for being a website’s millionth visitor, offers a tablet computer or other prize in exchange for completing a survey or promotes quick and easy ways to make money or get a job (“get rich quick working from your home for just two hours a day!”). If someone tells you that you’re a winner and asks you to fill out a form with your personal information don’t be tempted to start filling it out. Even if you don’t hit the “submit” button, you might still be sending your information to scammers if you start putting your data into their forms.
If you see a message from someone that you know that doesn’t seem like them, their account may have been compromised by a cyber criminal who is trying to get money or information from you – so be careful how you respond. Common tactics include asking you to urgently send them money, claiming to be stranded in another country or saying that their phone has been stolen so that they cannot be called. The message may also tell you to click on a link to see a picture, article or video, which actually leads you to a site that might steal your information – so think before you click!

Do your research
When shopping online, research the seller and be wary of suspiciously low prices just like you would if you were buying something at a local shop. Scrutinise online deals that seem too good to be true. No one wants to get tricked into buying fake goods. People who promise normally non-discounted expensive products or services for free or at 90% off probably have malicious intent. If you use Gmail, you may see a warning across the top of your screen if you’re looking at an email that our system says might be a scam – if you see this warning, think twice before responding to that email.

Watch out for scams using the Google brand. Google does not run a lottery. We do not charge training fees for new employees – if you receive an email saying that you have been hired by Google but have to pay a training fee before you can start, it is a scam. Watch out for people claiming to sell cars using Google Wallet. Find out more about various scams using the Google brand.

When in doubt, play it safe
Do you just have a bad feeling about an ad or an offer? Trust your gut! Only click on ads or buy products from sites that are safe, reviewed and trusted.
Many online shopping platforms have trusted merchants/sellers programs. These sellers typically have a visible stamp of approval on their profiles. Make sure that the stamp or certificate is legitimate by reviewing the shopping platforms’ guidelines. If the platform doesn’t offer a similar program, take a look at the number of reviews and the quality of reviews on the seller.

Flower Fails

Because of the amount of money that consumers are expected to spend this Valentine’s Day on flowers, consumers can be certain that scammers and unscrupulous businesses will also be looking to benefit. To ensure that a Valentine’s Day bouquet is delivered as planned, follow these scam savvy tips:
- Let the BBB guide purchases. Research trusted florists and gift shops, check out customer reviews, and look for scams at
- Pick up the phone or visit the shop. Even if ordering online, visit or chat with the brick-and-mortar shop prior to making a purchase. Discuss the arrangement you are looking for, inquire about guarantees and ask about delivery times. Don’t make a payment until the order is clearly outlined and always ask for a receipt.
- Watch for unsolicited calls and emails. This time of year, phishing scams spike for those looking to treat loved ones with flowers and gifts. Fake e-cards can carry viruses, and unsolicited emails claiming to require additional funds for gift delivery are common.
Beware of Cupid Cons
The Internet’s ability to connect people through social media and online dating has been a godsend for many single folks. But with that convenience come opportunities for scammers to prey on the love-struck.
This is a common narrative with many Valentine’s Day scams. An interesting stranger builds a fake relationship with an unsuspecting target through phone or video calls, texts and emails. Eventually, the scammer claims to be experiencing a financial hardship — or begs for funds to come visit the love-struck victim. After money is exchanged, the scammer cuts off contact. These types of scams are tricky because scammers know how to make people feel vulnerable and how to get them to do what they want.
How do you avoid a Cupid con? Looking out for the following red flags can help protect both your heart and wallet:
- Your new friend is a constant no-show. Traveling for business, house-sitting for an out-of-state friend, visiting family far away and other last-minute schedule changes are all common excuses scammers use to avoid meeting people face-to-face. An interested girl – or boyfriend would normally want to make time to get to know you better in person. So, if a new love interest is avoiding you, it’s time to get a little suspicious.
- Their social media profiles don’t match, are very new or are nonexistent. Contact information, pictures and background information the person shares with you should match what you see on their social media profiles. A shortage of online friends and contacts, stock photos and spelling/grammatical errors can be clues that you are being wooed by a scammer.
- They ask you for money. Asking for a loan from even the closest of friends can be uncomfortable (not to mention unwise), so why would a new love be boldly asking you for cash? From medical emergencies to claims of being robbed — a romantic scammer isn’t afraid to brazenly beg. Be particularly wary of anyone asking you to send funds via wire transfer or a gift card. And never give money or share banking information with someone that you have not met in person or don’t know very well.

Awareness and education are the best line of defense against fraud, and consumers can protect themselves by applying common sense and not letting emotion get in the way. Anyone can fall victim. Fraudsters even coach potential victims to ignore warnings such as this.

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Online Info Blog: Millions of Net Users Possibly Exposed

“Without requiring any user interaction, the initial script reports information about the victim’s machine to the attacker’s remote server. Based on server-side logic, the target is then served either a clean image or its almost imperceptibly modified malicious evil twin.

“Using the known Internet Explorer vulnerability CVE-2016-0162, the encoded script attempts to verify that it is not being run in a monitored environment such as a malware analyst’s machine,” and if the script does not detect any signs of monitoring, it redirects to the Stegano exploit kit’s landing page.

Upon successful exploitation, the executed shell code collects information on installed security products and performs – as paranoid as the cyber-criminals behind this attack – yet another check to verify that it is not being monitored. If results are favorable, it will attempt to download the encrypted payload from the same server again, disguised as a gif image.
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Achieving a unique and interesting home is possible if you place some bespoke furniture in it.Bespoke furniture or custom-made furniture can have a simple or complicated design, depending on your needs. You can also save a certain amount of money and find quality pieces if you're going to be wise in buying bespoke furniture.

It's known in some parts of London that people look for the professional attention of Hamilton Marsden Custom Furniture when they need to alter their old furniture into beautiful and stylish pieces, but some people still choose to buy brand new pieces. Provided in the following are basic tips in finding the best bespoke furniture for your home.

Search for reviews

The internet is the best source of reviews on certain products and services to avoid being scammed. It would be a smart choice to gather data on a specific company first before buying any furniture. Ensure that the company is really trustworthy and provides high-quality pieces with an affordable price.

Look at online furniture stores

Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden previously provided some tips on buying online, so it's also preferable to buy bespoke furniture on furniture stores residing online. You should also visit some local stores in your area to compare prices and decide which one is the best for your budget and for your home.

Practice consistency

Understand that consistency is essential because nothing is achieved without it. Even if it will take some more time, don't stop until you find the best furniture for your home. Make sure that you will feel happy and contended with the pieces you buy.

Compare prices

If you are considering your budget in buying bespoke furniture, then it is better to compare the prices of different furniture found online and in stores first to find the piece that fits perfectly into your budget where you can save up to 50 percent.

Follow those simple tips mentioned above and you're close to finding the best bespoke furniture for your home. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden hopes that you will have a unique and special home soon with your chosen bespoke furniture.

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If you have your own house, you probably want your family and friends to see stylish and quality furniture in it. A collection of different and distinctive furniture could add color and life to your home, so be mindful about the brand, design, and style of each furniture piece because it should match your entire home decoration.

However, there will come a time where your favorite furniture can’t no longer serve its purpose to you since things are not meant to last forever. Are you planning to buy a new one instead? Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden wants you to think about it twice and simply consider restoring the furniture. Furniture restoration often happens when people are running out of budget and can't afford to buy a new one, or they don't want to get rid of the sentimental value their furniture has.

In order to preserve the original look and the functionality of a specific furniture, furniture restoration is needed wherein that particular piece will be carefully cleaned and repaired. Other than saving time and money, furniture restoration can also give you other significant benefits such as the following:

Enhanced design and style

Yes, this is possible even without spending a lot of money. Furniture restoration can give an improved design and style to your furniture. This way, you can also preserve its value and give a new life to your furniture.


Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden finds out that it takes a thousand times more carbon dioxide to create a new furniture piece than restoring one. In order to minimize the effect of carbon on the environment, most people choose furniture restoration and refinishing. If you want to make a contribution to save the environment, then make an eco-friendly decision all the time.

Restored functionality

Being able to use a particular furniture once again is considered the greatest benefit furniture restoration can give to you. Some furniture these days are not made with the same high-quality wood as before, thus, Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden recommends that you should restore your old furniture than buy a new one. The organization is confident to say that your newly restored furniture will last for another 10 years.

The benefits of furniture restoration mentioned above are simply the basics. Be updated on Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden posts to see other in-depth posts related to antique furniture and restoration process. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden can do an excellent job to your furniture without damaging it using their distinctive equipment, tools, and techniques. Check out good reviews of him to furniture fraud restorers online.

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Life coaches are becoming very popular nowadays. What parents and teachers used to do exclusively has become the concern and livelihood of people who have the expertise and passion to provide general mentoring in life and all its many aspects, such as health, business, arts and marital counselling. Being a life coach essentially means you teach a person gain skills within a particular field or industry while visualizing how those skills will enhance one’s ability to cope and to compete in life.

Success is the aim of almost every person and enterprise. And without the need to reinvent the wheel, life coaches have collated much of the ancient and modern knowledge in specific fields for those seeking guided education for personal advancement.

Whereas only wealthy individuals and celebrities could afford voice or gym coaches in the past, now, almost anyone can find an online coach or even a personal coach for a reasonable and even at no price at all. Reading through Jennifer Shearin’s website is in itself a practically free but priceless tool for anyone who seriously takes her advices to heart.

Achieving balance in one’s life through having a health coach is the latest innovation in health management. More specifically, having an integrative health coach to provide an individualized health plan provides one with a focused strategy designed to address personal health issues through experienced health experts.

The main objective of having an integrative health coach is in obtaining a program that will help “sustain the mindset needed to make lifestyle and behavior changes for the long haul”. Developing and maintaining the discipline of a healthy and balanced life requires the help of a whole family or group of people, not just an individual. As they say, it takes a whole village to raise a child. It certainly requires a whole town to keep each individual become a healthy member of the community. Trying to go organic in a town that does not produce any such products would be tough. Let alone live in a town that does not care about proper sanitation and waste disposal.

Finding a health coach then must take into consideration not merely the qualifications of the coach itself but also with the specific health goals that a person has. Having a qualified health coach, nevertheless, is the first step toward attaining a sustainable personal health program.

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I'm using PHP_CodeSniffer and I would like to use different standards for different projects and I noticed it's not possible to set "phpcs_additional_args" because of the config file processing order.

It would be very helpful if the project settings can override everything: package settings, package user settings as well.

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In this Information Technology Age, a company’s reputation is often measured according to its website’s quality, visibility and usefulness to its clients. Having a website, therefore, is sometimes not even enough. It must reach the company’s targeted market as much as possible at all times.

In order to revamp their brand and image online, UNILUX AM has turned to iHook Creative UNILUX Advanced Manufacturing, LLC took that crucial step back in October 2009 with the official launch of their revamped website

San-Diego-based branding agency iHook Creative, finished the final touches of the project while staying ahead of the schedule for a launch before the end of the year.

UNILUX AM had undertaken a major project to revamp their corporate image by initiating a complete revamp of their website, sales collateral and promotional message. “After speaking with several prospects, it became clear that iHook Creative had the talent and understanding of our needs, not only in website design and rollout, but also with our downstream marketing and branding needs,” said Larry Farrelly, UNILUX AM President.

“iHook is excited about the collaboration with UNILUX Advanced Manufacturing,” said Matt Faulk, iHook founder and art director. “Together we have created a dynamic web environment that communicates the UNILUX AM corporate message and positions them at the top of the increasingly competitive aviation industry. The new look is a combination of technology, efficiency, and power.”

The creative collaboration between the two companies hopes to enhance the reputation of UNILUX as a provider of excellent industrial products and for all industrial applications.

For the latest information about UNILUX, visit us now at