Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.

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cobol is one of the most use language in professionnal world. And you developper are facing serious performance issue working with non modern iDE  (auto syntax etc...)
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GNU Emacs has a useful feature that allows an individual file to override the default Emacs mode (and, hence, the associated language syntax and colorization) by using a special magic string somewhere in the first non-blank line of the file. For instance, if file foo.C would normally be displayed using C syntax rules, but you want to force Sublime Text 2 to use C++ rules, simply include a comment like this in the first non-blank line of the file:

//           -*- c++ -*-

This feature is useful for overriding the default language on a per-file basis.

I've implemented a plugin that provides this capability. It's in this GitHub repo:

GAMS is a widely used modelling language to write optimization model.

I wrote a plugin for syntax highlighting and compilation command.

The repository is located in github:


The regular expression for matching the xml tag localname isn't correctly.

the '.' is allowed in the localname so the correct expression should be:


If have simply added the \. in the last group ... could you please add this in the XML.tmLanguage file THX ...

And: Sublime text is amazing! I will purchase a licence for Xmas for ME ;)

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I'd like to import mysql.connector to get a connection to my db. The problem is that the integrated Python of Sublime Text 2 is 2.x (too old for that module as Oracle told me) so I downloaded Sublime Text 3 as it has an integrated Python 3.x. In the normal Python 3.x IDLE and command line, mysql.connector is working, but not via the Console in Sublime. 

Is there some module or a package to solve my problem?

Please help me.

Thank you very much.


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You kown, support it.

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I have many problems with 2181 build, that are making Sublime Text 2 unusable anymore. 
For example word wrap can't be turned off, even if I make it false in default settings. 
Or Undo is not working correctly at all. I can't use it, because when I did, it would corrupt a part of code, which wasn't even changed. 
Or sometimes I can't use CTRL+X because it will not delete selected part.
And cursor very often just stays on one spot and don't move (he do, but I don't see it). That's maybe the worst.

Build 2165 was perfect and I was very happy. I tried 2181 in February, but when I had saw these defects, I returned to 2165. But unfortunately a few weeks ago Sublime Text 2 said that 2165 is not enabled any more and I have to switch to newer build.

I'm running on Ubuntu 10.10.

I know that this forum is about plugins, maybe, but I don't have an interest to register on your forum. 
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