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I think it just needs to be adjusted to ignore the scroll_past_end view, i.e it wraps only the visible code.
With the amount of current releases, I think this would actually be pretty neat. Something like Chrome update :)
I'm not actually 100% sure on the current behaviour of this. Some times it works, some times it doesn't.
This used to be in ST1 and Jon has said it'll be coming back :D
I agree! Although, if you select the lines you want to see which are nested, it does display spacing characters. Just show something similar when not selected!
The problem is caused because File and Find have the same modifiers assigned to them (F).
This is why JSON is a bad definition language. I was just reading a Stack Overflow response about why JSON needs comments vs why it doesn't.

It's lovely to use but comments would (in some ways) help.