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And the result would be that the current content of the clipboard would substitute into the location marked with $CLIPBOARD?

Is that the idea?

You may have to be a bit more explicit in getting that thought in your head out into the world where others can see it if you want to see it realised

So in the current arrangement you would get the indentation guide you want to see if the cursor was on line 3?

Are we in agreement on the change you are asking for?

What do you mean by support?

Syntax highlighting?

Build systems?

Something else?

And I am getting 404s on your links so all in all your post needs some work if anyone is going to help you with whatever it is you are asking for

What version of ST are you running?



What colour scheme are you running?

What you are describing does not happen for me on my personalised scheme nor on any of the handful of the default schemes I tried.

We need to know more to pinpoint what is happening on your machine. Try and tell us as much as you think we might want to know so we can replicate your problem

(If you are a developer I am sure you have said these words many times to people reporting bugs in your code so you get what I am asking from you.)

By 'supporting syntax' do you mean syntax highlighting for Racket (http://racket-lang.org)?

Or do you mean something else?

If you mean syntax highlighting then have you tried this package?


If you have and it was lacking in some way what is lacking?

Combining this post with your other one about being unable to edit the User Settings file I think something has gone wrong with your install.

First step would be to uninstall and reinstall ST.

If you are running Windows a reboot of the machine is also a wise move.

How often do you really edit your colour scheme?

Is it really that onerous to work in XML for a few minutes a day or a week?

It's not my favourite thing in the world but in the list of things left to take ST from exceptional to close to perfect this is not in the top half of my list.

Code folding that works substantially better than the current implementation is far more important to me and not something I can just work around with a slight bit of annoyance.

No harm in asking and glad you are participating in the forum but I can't give you much support on an issue I think is pretty marginal.

Something is not right here and the first part of it is your incomplete description of the problem.

What OS are you working in?

Give the exact path you are following (Preferences (makes sense) -> User (that makes no sense - do you mean 'Settings - User'? - or something else)

How are you logged in?



Something else?

What is happening that makes you believe whatever file is you are opening is read-only?

What dialogs or messages are you seeing?

Unless you can describe what is happening it is very hard to help you.

Have a look at these options:


jQuery Mobile Snippets


jQuery Snippets pack

Keep an eye on this page http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/community

And do remember 'Google is your friend'

If there is functionality not provided by those options that you want or need then please provide the details so the community can help you better get to where it is you want to be

I am not sure I exactly get your question.

Are you aware of the option to set guide, activeGuide and stackGuide in the colour scheme to achieve highlighting of the indent level, and thereby the block of the line the cursor is on?

That has existed for a good long time.

Are you asking for some functionality different to that?

Or are you not aware of it?

Or are you having trouble setting it up?

We may be able to help you get what you want if you (or anyone voting for this) can clarify the details of what you are looking for.

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