Allow color schemes to be read as JSON natively

robertcollier4 11 years ago updated by jan otte 11 years ago 1

Summary: Allow Color schemes to be saved in both XML and JSON. Then auto-detect the file type and parse appropriately.

Whenever I open my color scheme to make a minor edit - it gives me a 'rhetorical headache' - it is so messy and hard and difficult to read and edit XML-Plist files for this kind of content!!!

I have found PlistJsonConverter plugin - which luckily makes things doable again but brings additional problems of losing comments, formatting, structure, etc. I don't see why this can't just be automated and implemented natively. Why should I have to keep converting back and forth between XML-Plist and JSON? Why can't Sublime Text just also support reading Color Schemes in JSON natively if they are found in that format? It would save a lot of headache.

How often do you really edit your colour scheme?

Is it really that onerous to work in XML for a few minutes a day or a week?

It's not my favourite thing in the world but in the list of things left to take ST from exceptional to close to perfect this is not in the top half of my list.

Code folding that works substantially better than the current implementation is far more important to me and not something I can just work around with a slight bit of annoyance.

No harm in asking and glad you are participating in the forum but I can't give you much support on an issue I think is pretty marginal.