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Wondering if that could be taken further and adding that as a settings file? something to be loaded along with the autocomplete. That way you wouldn't have to open it so much as just keep it up to date. Or maybe an array for Global Settings for something.
I imagine that will be considered as to whether this feature gets adopted. I imagine there are ways (batch processing through different sections of larger files, as well as tracking which sections are modified for autocomplete updates). It's currently already taking place regardless of big files or not (to my knowledge) so with the right measures put in place I don't think it would be a problem..

The only real matter is actually implementing it as such, I can't imagine it to necessarily be a simple matter; That's why Jon is the creator and not myself though :p

Similar post, but same concept. I'm upvoting both as I think whatever the best way to implement this is will probably be adopted.
I agree with this, I think the auto complete would be great to take into account all files opened (or some other sort of method, project, whatever) so long as it can stay efficient
Indeed a public page for documentation would be decent. There's a lot of bits and pieces out there, and people that experiment to figure things out. At the very least it would give a base for Jon to expand on (provided that it meets expectations/style). Worst case scenario it gets discarded later in favor of something he does. In the meantime it would be a collaborative effort to fill in the gaps. Could be worth it.
Have noticed this behavior before as well and have struggled with it. Instead of making the new behavior the Shift+Click I think it would make more sense to have the desired result as a normal click, and maybe the Shift+Click as the scroll. 

Being that it's a mini-map, It really makes sense to me that when you click on it, you'd like it to take you where you clicked. +1 from me.