Shift-click minimap => move to shown location

Jeff Yeo 9 years ago updated by Micheal Winger 8 years ago 2
So let me try to explain what I mean.
When I open like a 5000 line file in sublime,
the minimap can't show everything in one vision, so it only shows a portion of it. (which is fine.)
So I look at the minimap, and notice the area I want to move to, I click that area.
Now right here, because I the minimap only shows a small portion of the file at the moment,
even if this area X is, say, 1/3 way from top in the minimap, it can be actually from bottom in terms of the entire file.
So when I click the area X in the minimap,
the view moves to 1/3 way from top out of the FILE, which may be no way near the actual area X.

The way it is now has a logic of it's own too.
So may I suggest, maybe if I shift-click it instead, it could move to the place visual in the minimap? instead of acting exactly like a scroll bar?

I know this description is confusing in words. If you need clarification, just comment, or open a really really long file in sublime and mess around with the minimap. You will see what I mean.
Yes, came here to say just that.

I'll try to explain in my words: Clicking on minimap acts like clicking on the scrollbar area, and should, or at least as I and Jeff think, be linked to the location clicked in the document. it would make a lot more sense if it worked that way, imho.
Have noticed this behavior before as well and have struggled with it. Instead of making the new behavior the Shift+Click I think it would make more sense to have the desired result as a normal click, and maybe the Shift+Click as the scroll. 

Being that it's a mini-map, It really makes sense to me that when you click on it, you'd like it to take you where you clicked. +1 from me.