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That works. Thanks adzenith. Is there any reason why this is not on by default on Mac OS X? I am not aware of any system key bindings for Alt-Q that it would clash with.
Thanks for pointing this out. I suppose it's a matter of taste. My personal preference is to keep the prev_line/next_line commands orthogonal to the goto_beggining_of_line commands (not sure what they are actually called). One reason I prefer this behavior is that otherwise, the action of prev_line is not reversible with next_line if you reach the beginning of the file. For up arrow/down arrow, which will be used frequently in basic code viewing, I think having prev_line and next_line always be inverse operations adheres to the "principle of least surprise".
I disagree. This is TextEdit's behaviour, but not that of vi or emacs. What ST does right now seems correct.
i agree with theblacklion, it would be good to wrap build script calls with bash --login. Otherwise on MacOS X you are stuck with whatever environment is inherited from the parent process (launchd), which is configured by nonstandard files (/etc/launchd.conf, ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist)
Jon obviously has a great design sensibility. So I just want to remind him that he has license to ignore any and all feature requests!
assuming there will be SCM plugins for ST2, you might want to expose the the ability to "watch" folders via the plugin API, so that, for instance, the plugin could notice the changes in the .hg / .git directories that happen, for instance, when the user switches branches externally
the "watchdog" python package might be helpful for implementing this