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@Henrik Persson
I added Drarok repo to sublime package manager under rsub.. so as soon as you merge, probably should update the repository reference in spm
Another feedback was created in attempt to clarify what exactly the issue is and to remove any confusion introduced by the completed tag.

If you are following this issue, please ignore this thread and see this other instead.

ignoring the looks of the bezel (which I don't like much), single line is so more readable and usable

please provide some settings to opt for a striped out style

PS: To win the battle (thanks multi OS suport), ST2 just needs not to screw up on important usability issues like these. 
I think that is happening because too many files are behing displayed on the open recent list.
I believe files opened by the use of the sidebar or the goto anything pallete should not be displayed in that list.
Yeah.. I'm having some problems with MacGDBp as well.. I guess I will turn to IntelliJ/PHPStorm
It seems that there is a plugin for vim written in python..
Maybe someone wants to have fun and convert it for sublime text ?

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