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With the gained space from the unification of the titlebar with the tabs, breadcrumbs could be added, which, beside having the function of showing you the path, could provide a quick access to folder and files.

If you don't need the quick navigation and want to keep the extra space, displaying the file path in the status bar (when there is no status message) could be a solution.

tabs on the second rown dont' even need to be placed on a dark background. A transparent one look much better.
I used witch for a while, specially to hop thru windows of the same app, but I dropped it eventually because the the default switcher looks better and takes no extra RAM. And I use mostly launchbar any way to change apps (much like Goto Anything in sublime).

I guess I'm in favor of bufferswitchers, as long as they look better then in jEdit ahah
1. it only makes sense to have the name in the status bar, obviously when there is no menu bar (in fullscreen mode) 
Better: transform sublime in light table.
In the meanwhile:
Separate topics for issues nr.
I had the same problem before, but, how hard is it to press cmd+tab and many frequently do you need to see the time?
Maybe using tabs to represent the stack is not such a good idea since it would break the expected behavior.

This might be a more interesting solution:

I agree. Tabs are an inferior solution in the sense they bring real world limitations into a virtual environment. They are good for the everyday user in the same way a virtual calculator in shape of calculator is a pleasant metaphor, until the day it becomes a pain to click the buttons and a text field where you can enter the math expression seems like a good idea.

I stopped using tabs in sublime (they are hidden) in favor of a combination of "Goto Anything..." + "next_view_in_stack/prev_view_in_stack". 

The only 2 things missing are: 

1. The name of the file being displayed. Would be nice to have an option to display the current file name in the status bar.

2. When browsing the views in the stack, a representation of the views, and an indicator of witch view is currently being displayed (pretty much like the application switcher in Windows, Ubuntu(alt+tab) or Mac OS X(cmd+tab)). This could be achieved with a palette containing the views in the stack, which gets dismissed when the modifier key (cmd/alt/ctrl) of the shortcut set to "next_view_in_stack/prev_view_in_stack"  is released.

I don't know if sublime creates more than one buffer when showing the same file in different places (implementation details), but all the files are already accessible in every pane using the Goto Everything command.