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I altered the indention of two lines, saw that see-zwsp loaded OK, then made a change to the file with Khmer text (and ZWSP's). And they became visible.

Thanks very much for this. You're a true philosopher, @FichteFoll!

The console's messages have guided me somewhat — I see that "sublime_plugin" should have an underscore, for one thing.

This script is being loaded, but I don't see any visible indication of a ZWSP. (I haven't checked this in an encompassing variety of circumstances, however.) Just now I'm wondering if using a black background might be hiding this background line.

And, in checking this, I find making a modification to the file causes ST2 to freeze. So I think that (a) I'm on the track and (b) I haven't got the indenting right. However, at least I'm not getting an error message from the console about the indenting.

I've tried every sort of interpretation for the indenting, but I can't seem to get this to work.

Could you perhaps re-enter the script with "b" indicating a blank space (or something like that) to indicate the correct indentation?

Is "sublime_plugin" supposed to be one word without an underscore?


I'm not sure how this works — is it actually inserting a regular space when it finds a ZWSP?

Thanks for providing this!

And I, among the small number of people working in languages that don't put spaces between words, would like to be able to see the zero-width space (aka ZWSP), Unicode U+200B.

In my case, the fallback font would be something that contains IPA characters, which aren't in most monotype fonts.