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What's wrong with View > Ruler?
Agreed about the chaining, it was just for the sake of example, in practice it shouldn't be quite as bad although it's still a lot of chained method calls.
I hear you regarding the insomnia.
So it turns out it is possible to do these things, see my reply to the other comment.

Let's say my project has a setting called foo, I can get to that via (which I just figured out):


If however foo is not set in the .sublime-project file then that call returns nothing, no matter if foo is set in a plugin somewhere. I would expect it to return the value of foo from the plugin.

This works:

plugin_settings = sublime.load_settings('Plugin.sublime-settings')

foo = sublime.active_window().active_view().settings().get('foo', plugin_settings.get('foo'))

So it IS possible it's just not quite how I personally thought it would work.

I think it fires before close as the view object exists and you can query it for most things and they work. Just asking for the window doesn't work, which is why I see it as a bug.
If not this, then at the very least I think 2.7 should be used internally instead of 2.6 
This is a neat idea and from what I hear it's quite easy to embed webkit in, well, anything.
If this is added I suggest it be renamed to distraction mode.
Just in case you're not aware, if TextMate has support for COBOL then you can simply use COBOL.tmLanguage.