How about syntax coloring for the COBOL language?

Uwe Baemayr 8 years ago updated by Stephen Gennard 7 years ago 6
Believe it or not, COBOL is still used quite a bit in the real world -- how about adding syntax coloring for COBOL?
Just in case you're not aware, if TextMate has support for COBOL then you can simply use COBOL.tmLanguage.

Can anyone post the "COBOL.tmLanguage" to download? Cause i'm a windows user.


Its not quite ready but I've been playing around with some support for COBOL... here is a quick screenshot to give you a taster of it..



Looks awesome! When are you planning on releasing? Looks good enough for me to start using right away! I'd love a copy of the tmlanguage

Hi Stephen -- that looks great!  

It is now available... have fun and please feel free to email with ideas/bugs etc on mailto:stephen@gennard.net