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I end up most of the time wondering why nothing is found as I type, then realize that this option is enabled. The fastest way I have to fix the situation without using the mouse is to press ESC twice (once to stop finding, once to clear the selection) and then do Cmd-F again.

This is rather counter-productive.

I'd really like this too.

It would also be nice to allow the build results panel to show only if there are errors, and possibly hide it on successful builds. Right now it either on each build or not at all.

Sorry, by different I meant different than button1, since those buttons on the mouse trigger button1 events in Sublime.
My expectation would be that they get triggered as button 4 and 5 even though they are referred differently in xev.
An alternative to this would be to gather statistics for entered text vs. chosen file and get those files to the top if the same text is typed each time this file/directory is wanted. In a similar way to what and are doing.

So in my above example, if each time I wanted to open the file "dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/fileA" I typed "ABCDA", then files for this directory should start making their way to the top as soon as I start typing "AB...".

I think I would prefer this solution actually, even lazier.