Support aliases in Goto Anything for lazier file access in large projects

Jocelyn Turcotte 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1
I'm usually working with projects containing a lot of files, and to make sure that the file I want gets to the top I have to type most of the file name which is around 10 to 15 characters each time I want to open a file.

So it would be cool to be able to configure aliases which would also show matches for the aliased text.
For example if I have a directory structure with the following path under the project directory, containing 10 files:
dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/<10 files here>

Then if I could alias "dd" = "dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/", I could get those files to the top just by typing "dd" + 1-3 chars of the file name for the one I want to open.
This would also allow aliasing a specific file's full path to a few chars to which I could append "@" to get a list of it's symbols immediately.

If the alias text is matched itself in some files path, those matches could also be shown in the list under the aliased matches (which I think should have priority to the top).
An alternative to this would be to gather statistics for entered text vs. chosen file and get those files to the top if the same text is typed each time this file/directory is wanted. In a similar way to what http://www.launchy.net/ and http://qsapp.com/ are doing.

So in my above example, if each time I wanted to open the file "dirA/dirB/dirC/dirD/fileA" I typed "ABCDA", then files for this directory should start making their way to the top as soon as I start typing "AB...".

I think I would prefer this solution actually, even lazier.