Your comments

I have never seen a visual revision history that allowed you to put in your own labels. I like that idea a lot. You know it is really too bad that e-texteditor has stagnated soo much.

I really wanted to support them and even bought a license. But the dev on it just doesn't seem to want to or be able to put in the time required to continually progress it. Further, it is not cross-platform compatible. So that is a big downer for me as well.

That is why I turned to Sublime though. It covers my needs and then some and it performs really well without getting in my way. Its fast and available in all the OSes I use (I uses the major three Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac). Hopefully they can add this fancy feature. I would write a plugin but my programming skills are web-based. I don't have much in the way of desktop programming skills.