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There is a way to do this.
First, make sure your "indent_guide_options" setting is set to only "draw_active":

"indent_guide_options": [ "draw_active" ]

Then, in your color scheme (I would recommend making a copy instead of modifying the original),
change the color of the guide to the same color as the background:

<!-- color of line for current code block --> <key>activeGuide</key> <string>#9D550FB0</string>
<!-- the next two settings may need to be added to you color scheme. I have them in my personal modified version of Monokai, but I can't remember where I got them --> <!-- color of line for parents of current code block --> <key>stackGuide</key> <string>#000000</string> <!--string>#51402FDD</string--> <!-- color of line for siblings and children of current code block. Siblings & children only show if "draw_normal" is added to "indent_guide_options" -->
You are correct Mark, didn't think you could use two options but it looks like you can. Thanks!
I'm not seeing the described behavior in php or javascript.