Allow navigation of the project tree with the keyboard

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The project tree (under OSX) can only be interacted with using the mouse. You can't give the project tree focus and navigate or open files using the keyboard.


This was added in 2139
After moving from TextMate, this is one of a few things I miss. Takes too much time to use the mouse!

Agreed. It's almost a deal breaker.

I suggest that you check how TextMate does it. I think the key combination is CMD+ALT+'
That's killing me! vintage mode doesn't have any sense with this lack
This is the main thing I miss from TM too - being able to locate the current file is a huge deal when exploring a new code base too.

Keep up the good work!
The latest dev build supports this. Ctrl+0 moves you to the sidebar, and then the arrow keys and enter work as expected.
Wohoo! Didn't know that. One more reason to sell my mouse :)
Thanks heaps for tip.
Didn't know this excellent feature was there.
Anyway of having the sidebar show up when focus is moved to it, and disappear when not?
Also, any way of switching the Crtl+0 for Escape?
Wow! I love how the features I felt most missing (this one and global replace) all just landed in the dev build. Thanks for the great work!
It would be nice to jump through files in sidebar typing first letters of filename as in Gnome filemanager or HTML select
Thanks for new features. It works great! But I miss a button for opening the options, so it would be possible to rename, remove and adding files/directories.
This was added in 2139
Yep.  Must have.  Project tree is just too slow with out keyboard based navigation.
Has this feature regressed? I can't seem to navigate the sidebar as I could in build 2139.
Yeah.. it's not working for me either. On linux or OS X build 2165.
Keyboard navigation is working. Click on an already selected row to give the side bar input focus.
Ctrl+0 now focuses the sidebar. If you want to set your own bind, the existing bind looks like this:
{ "keys": ["ctrl+0"], "command": "focus_side_bar" },

This feature could be better... like NERDTree for vim.  As it stands now, it's pretty much useless to me.  I can't search, can't add/delete/rename files/dirs, can't really do anything useful.
Check out the SidebarEnhancements plugin which is under active development: https://github.com/titoBouzout/SideBarEnhancements

Control-0 to focus and up/down/left/right/enter work great but it doesn't support typeahead.  If I hit 't', I would be expected to be taken to files beginning with 't'.  Instead, alphanum keys just seem to be ignored.

I'm not sure this item is actually complete yet.

Look like not (yet?) completed. I also found the CTRL+0 shortcut and immediately started typing letters.

So +1 for this feature!

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