Line wrapping bug: superfluous leading space

Idan Gazit il y a 10 ans mis à jour par A Pérez Carballo il y a 9 ans 3
A bit of a strange behavior I've come across: soft-wrapped lines which end in an HTML tag will render the space after the tag at the beginning of the following line.

Screenshot example:

I've noticed this as well.  I lean heavily on soft-wrapped lines when editing HTML/XML and hit this a few times every chapter and/or blog post I write.  Would be nice to have it fixed.
Unfortunately, it not only does so with HTML tags. Just a plain '<' or '>', or even a '-' at the end triggers the problem. Not clear when and what char combinations exactly, but it happens all too often to be ignored. I think we'll need to add a new note, not limited to HTML elements, to emphasize this a bit more.
This may be related: spaces after a period should be 'ignored' for soft-wrapping purposes. Thus, you should never get a line starting with a space, even if a period is the last character to fit in a soft-wrapped line. (This is the default behavior in TextMate.)