After clearing recent project items, the project switcher window no longer lists recent projects.

Martin Laine hace 9 años actualizado por FichteFoll hace 8 años 4
At one point I cleared recent items from my project list (Project > Recent projects > Clear items) and now when I open the Project Switcher Window, it only ever shows the currently open project.

 I've noticed the same phenomenon. It would be nice if instead of clearing all the projects we could clear/discard individual recent projects. At times I'll have a temporary project where I am testing out a feature. I discard that folder and no longer need it in the recent projects or switch project window.

Alternatively, if when the program launched perhaps it could scan the recent projects list. If it finds that any of those projects are no longer around it would automatically clear them out of the recent projects list. Other editors will auto clear the project if you try to switch to a project that no longer exists but I think the aforementioned solution is easier to manage from the user perspective.


Yeah, auto-clearing the list would be nice. I do happen to rename a project's path/name or even move it. When I open it again from the new path I have 2 entries of that project in the list. And one of them is dead.


The "workspaces" key in the sublime session file (<Data directory>/Settings/Session.sublime_session) defines a "recent_workspaces" key which then defines a list of the recent project's file paths. I did not test it, but if one can edit these keys manually and they have an effect I imagine that you can also write a plugin to do so.