Find in Files 'unable to open [file]' text is missing a newline

Ben Vanik 9 years ago updated by Vardaman Pk 5 years ago 2
If you attempt to find in files and files cannot be opened (broken symlink, permission denied, etc) a message will get logged to the results window:
'Unable to open /some/path/'
BUT it is missing its newline, so it ends up running into the file name of the next results (in this example, line 32 of /some/other/):
'Unable to open /some/path/some/other/:
  32:  some text...'
If you attempt to click on the result a new empty tab will open with the busted concatenated path /some/path/some/other/.
Thanks, will fix for the next build

I don't want the files list that are unable to open in find results. Is there any option to do that?