Have "Goto Anything" should respond to other "Goto *" keyboard commands

Shayne Sweeney 10 år siden opdateret af adzenith 10 år siden 3

I love the Goto Anything menu, I use it religiously. I also use the more specific Goto menus, like the line, or symbol ones.

I find myself often hitting the keyboard command for another Goto action while using the Goto Anything menu. I think this addition would be useful and easy to implement.

Here's an example of how it might work:

Hit Command-P, start typing the name of the file and narrow it down, highlighting the one you're after.

Now press Command-R, you are now searching through symbols in the highlighted file. The string in the text field for the Goto Anything menu shows an "@" appended. You can backspace to return to the previous state.

You know you can actually type a @ into the gotoanything menu right?  You can type something like...

I do, sure. 

Instead of using the @, # or : character you could always use the modifier key bindings. That would provide a single key binding regardless of context. For line number you would always know Command-G. I find that I am often looking at the preview of a file that the Goto Anything menu has open, so my brain is wired for file key bindings.

The @, # and : characters are only useful in the context of the menu– it seems more consistent and intuitive, to me, to just use the modifier based key bindings.

That's all :)
I try to do this all the time... I really need this feature. :)

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