Make the build system menu easier to use

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If you have one build system to run the unit test, and one to compile something, then one to create the doc, you have 2 possibilities:
- click menu > submenu, change the build system. Click menu again and run. 3 times.
- create a script that does the 3 of them, run it, and forget about the hability to run aby of them separatly.

Ideally, you should have a drop down to quickly build systems in one click. Create new ones from old ones. See old ones and edit them. And assigne some number to them so you can call them with a shortcut.
How about listing all build systems that are applicable to the current file
in the quick panel, then run them when they are selected.
Another possibility would be creating commands for all available build systems (dynamically) so they're available through the command palette.