Moving text with mouse not working

aahlborg 13 år siden opdateret af RickyS 11 år siden 4
When selecting a text block, one is usually able to move the block by holding down the mouse button and dragging. But in build 2059 the selection is removed and the cursor is moved to the position where the mouse clicked, just as if the user released the button before dragging.
Surprising that ST2 does not support text drag and drop -- this is standard in most text editors.
I started using ST2 just recently and was surprised by the lack of this feature.

Searching here and finding feature requests (1, 2) for the same thing made me think ST2 is just that kind of editor where this sort of feature just isn't in the focus.

However, I see now there's an even older bug report suggesting this feature was present in builds prior to build 2059.

So, is this a bug or simply not implemented? Would appreciate a bit of clarification...

 Looks like this works now.


Dragging text simply does not work in Ubuntu.  This is absurd.

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