Remote projects and version control integration

Oneiric Ocelot vor 13 Jahren aktualisiert von Conan Cook vor 12 Jahren 5
It would be nice to have following features implemented:

1) remote projects editing (ftp/sftp with local copy and syncing files with remote location on save)

2) version control integration (svn/git/mercurial)

Having these 2 features implemented will surely draw a lot of attention from users who are currently using text editors like gedit (linux) or e-texteditor (win/linux)
I suggest the integration with Baazar too
You can do this with some plugins. =)
There are great plug-ins but, I haven't found one with remote ftp viewing, only uploading downloading to/from local folders. If we can have a true FTP plugin with remote ftp view, that would be perfect.
I'd like to get this in the form of Coda, which just shows you a location in the sidebar, where you can easily browse and edit files without having to sync whole structures, it's awesome! If this gets implemented I can buy 50 licenses for my company :)
A big thing for me about opening remote files is the ability to easily reload them.  When viewing/editing files remotely, I can use a tool like WinSCP (I'm on Windows) to open the file, but to reload the contents (say I'm viewing a log file which is changing) I have to re-open the file in my scp tool.  If the editor supports it natively (like PSPad does) then I can reload easily with a keystroke.