Make projects invisible (.sublime-project,) like git (.git)

aristidesfl 13 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Sean Lynch 12 jaar geleden 3
I would love to have projects work like .git invisibles.

Instead of having to name a project and having to save a visible file, and then open the project manually, just store a invisible file on the working folder and open it automatically when that folder is opened.

You might argue that some projects might involve more that 1 folder. While that is true, there is most certainly a main folder for a project and accessory folders and accessory files. 
If no folder exist, then probably it isn't big enough to be considered a project of to benefit from anything a project has to offer.

How to choose the main folder? Use the 1st opened folder.

Make projects transparent to users. The project name = folder name. When the user opens the folder again, load the .sublime invisible file, and he/she will have the project and configurations loaded automatically.

We could even have a .sublime folder on the root of the project, and inside have as many files we want. We could have a .project file separate from .state file, solving the problem of having project and sate information mixed together.
PS: To win the battle (thanks multi OS suport), ST2 just needs not to screw up on important usability issues like these. 
I was actually caught off-guard when I found out this wasn't the way project files were used. Having to type 'subl . --project myproject.sublime_project' is really inconvenient.