Common hot keys on Mac

Luke Scott 13 років тому оновлено Brandon Fosdick 12 років тому 1
Command-L is more common than Command-G for "jumping to a line". It's used by TextMate and Xcode. Would be nice if some of the other similar shortcuts were the same... and ones that are missing are filled in (like Command-U for upper case, or Command-Shift-U / Command-L for lower case).

I know Control might be better for column select, but Xcode/TextEdit/TextMate use Option for column select (TextMate being the only one to edit on multiple lines, the other apps can at least copy/delete). This one might be better to keep as Control, but then again you might be getting suggestions about column select over and over again.

I don't think Command-Option-F makes sense for full screen. Anything-F is usually find related. Command-Enter is used commonly in games (Command-Shift-F is used in Firefox). This one is tough... I know Lion is going go have "full screen support".

For the most part everything else seems spot on.
Also, Command-G is used for "find next" in just about every OS X app.