Direct edition from "Find in files" result window

Xaapyks 11 ár síðan Uppfært 11 ár síðan 4

It would be neat to be able to directly edit lines appearing inside the find in files results window, and everything would be remapped to actual files.

That would indeed be nice, but it would probably need considerable code changes. Maybe in Sublime Text 3?

Cool idea. 

Perhaps this could also be used with the "replace in files" function, e.g. as a "preview replacement results" window that allows manually choosing specific replacements to (not) perform, or using ST's multiple-cursor functionality to do simultaneous edits across all the matches/files.

I think you would want to differentiate the look of the results window from regular file buffers if this type of per-file editing were allowed, e.g. by drawing a horizontal separator line between each match 'chunk'.

see http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/84144-modify-files-from-find-results/

Thanks !

I guess I can close this then.