Command Palette suggestion/request

Jake Wilson 9 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 1
The command palette is pretty awesome.  Really like it a lot.  One suggestion.  When you type something and a list of commands begin to show up, it would be great if pressing the TAB button would move you down the list of commands that are shown. 

So for example, lets say you type a few characters and then a list of commands shows up.  The command you want is the 3rd one down, you can just press TAB TAB TAB and then ENTER to run the command.  Alternatively, if you press TAB a couple times to start moving down the list, if you continue typing again, the position of the "cursor" would reset back to the top again as the list of commands continues to change based off the of whatever you are typing.

Also it would be nice if pressing SHIFT-TAB would move you back up the list one at a time.

Right now, pressing TAB while int he Command Palette simply inserts a TAB into the input box.  Not really helpful for anything.  Using it to move through the list would speed up command selection tremendously.  Right now you have to use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move through it.

Keep up the good work
I'd love to see TAB scrolling of the menu choices or a preference setting to allow it also.  Most web browsers have this behavior so it is fairly common.