When bookmarking, ctrl-z undoes the bookmark

Alan Andersen 13 years ago updated by bizoo 13 years ago 4
Really what i wanted it to do was undo my last typing action, and just use the default ctrl-f2 to untoggle the bookmark or clear bookmarks if I didn't need it.
Doesn't happen for me with ctrl+z but does with ctrl+u
I'm using windows 7 build 2032 64bit, but I also tried it in build 2039 with both installed and portable versions and it still does it, at least in a newly created file. I wasn't able to duplicate it in an existing large JSP i was working in with ctrl-z, but ctrl-u seems to always undo it.

edit: found out how to duplicate it with ctrl-z, type some characters, then make a bookmark, then type some more characters, then hold ctrl-z and it will delete the characters and the bookmark.
This didn't happen for me? Win7 64Bit ST 2 Dev 2044
Just try it again on the same config as you and happen to me.